No one should feel uncomfortable in their home or business.

If your air conditioner breaks down, turn to Precision Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Inc. for AC repair services. By hiring a qualified air conditioning contractor, you'll be enjoying the Florida Summer before you know it.
Look for these signs to tell if you need to have a HVAC professional assess your system today:

  • Home not reaching desired temperature
  • Burning Smells
  • Noticeable Leaks around indoor or outdoor systems 
  • Warning lights on dashboard
  • System constantly running and will not shut off
  • Air quality control issues 
  • High energy bills

As soon as you notice a problem, call us at (727) 515- 5506 to schedule for air conditioning repair in St. Petersburg and Clearwater areas.

Trust us to handle your air conditioning problems

Does your home or business feel uncomfortable even when the air conditioner is running? Stop heat and humidity in its tracks by arranging for air conditioning repair services from Precision Air Conditioning & Refrigeration.  After years of operating as a trusted air conditioning contractor in the St. Petersburg and Clearwater areas, we've seen it all.
We can take care of whatever might be wrong, including:

  • Clogged air filters
  • Frozen coils
  • HVAC leaks
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Low/leaing refrigerant 
  • Condenser problems
  • AC unit replacement




Call now to schedule AC repairs for your Florida home or business.  Ask about our annual maintenace contracts to keep your system running smoothly and avoi costly repairs and replacement!