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While Pinellas Park, FL is a popular spot for equestrian events, fishing and other water activities, you don't want the horse hair, salt and sand following you into your home. That means it's important to have your air ducts cleaned regularly. With routine duct cleaning services from Precision Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Inc., you can enjoy indoor air free of contaminants.

We've been serving the Pinellas Park, FL area for almost a decade, so you can be confident we know how to protect your HVAC system from salt, sand and other irritants. If you live near the beach, call on us for ductwork and other HVAC services.

Have you noticed these signs of faulty ductwork?

If you've noticed poor air quality in your home or facility, you might have a duct problem. It's time to schedule ductwork repairs from Precision Air Conditioning & Refrigeration if:

  • Your filters frequently have to be changed because of dust buildup
  • You notice a strange smell or banging sound coming from your vents
  • Your family or employees are suffering from unexplained respiratory problems

Don't put up with poor indoor air quality. Call us now to arrange for HVAC repairs in Pinellas Park, FL.

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